Advice from a 20-year-old former Biden Staffer

  1. Power in numbers. People-power is the most important political currency. Regardless of how much money an initiative (or candidate) is funneled — money can’t vote. Movements backed by people carry votes. Never forget this.
  2. Use social media and call them…

  1. Every campaign must include a campus team, or at minimum, a youth-focused organizer. This sends a clear message to young people that they matter and helps give the unique support and tools that young voters need. What I heard from voters on campus…

One of the hundreds of Zoom Friend-Bank’s #MiYouthVote did :)

Grace Eickel

Passionate about Democratic campaigns and the youth vote. Former organizer for Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke. Student at Missouri State. She/her.

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